Welcome to His/Shit World 
اهلا وسهلا بعالم الخرا

Installation, 2017
Cardboard & acrylic

Part of Sharbek Collective Exhibition
Gallery 2OG, Berlin

To display a work of art internationally means the work is inherently lost in translation. Yet, under the conditions in some parts of the world today, where many artists (and non-artists) face severe lacks of opportunities, cultural infrastructure, and access to art consumers and critics, one becomes obliged to exhibit in the “Global North”. The problem that persists in this globalised cultural consumerism is how to present an artistic or a cultural experience to an audience that is completely unequipped to interpret the work’s culturally-specific nuances and stream of consciousness. This room is a kind of test, to see how the Other (or the local in another place) interacts with a work when they do not fully perceive it, and can never fully perceive it.

The room attempts to represent nothing. It is not a representation of a culture, but rather the abstractification of one. On this set, the viewers are invited to participate in an abstract, and visually pleasing sensory experience, a mass of colours, shapes, scents, furniture, and clothing - but the experience remains incomplete without a dictionary.