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Solo Exhibition

Part of an Artist Residency in Aarau, Switzerland.

Photos from the exhibition in Aarau, Switzerland. 2018

Exploring the time spent away from home.
Exploring what is home in a digital world
And individuality in the midst of it all

“In a Parallel universe where computers reminisce, you will find chopped and screwed shapes of what we recognise as humans, they float in an ocean of pop up windows and left out internet browsers declaring a state of disconnection or lost. Errors surround the bodies, filling the void and flickering memories from the first hard drive installed in your childhood while sailing near you. Emergency buttons and random keyboard parts pop up and disappear reminding you of reality and questioning it at the same time…”

The exhibition takes the multi layered modern description of “Home”, and throughout different mediums there is an attempt to distort this term, recreate it and fantasies about it in parallel world and time. When the physical meaning and instant feeling of home is far from reach, alternatives emerge and create different meanings for the same feeling we associate home with.
Warmth can be replaced with digital encounters with familiar figures and emotional rollercoaster can occur from social media absence in ones life. The rooms exhibit the research process regarding this term. Taking it apart and rebuilding it again. And in a way studying the image of one’s self and identity according to the surrounding we float in. what parts are prominent and what are changeable depends on locationtime.

The materials and esthetics jumps from digital to tangible and back to distort our connotations with both of these definitions, what we are used to feel and see in each and create a third esthetic from their distortion in both mediums.

Frames from: “screensavers for the soul 1 & 2”